i remember that one

15 Laugably Engaging Troll Quotes – Meme of the Day

It’s Tuesday, and I’m tired and need it to be Friday — I suppose I’ll just have to get buy with some Troll qoutes. My search started with this number right here:

from call of duty

It was all down hill from there, in a good way, I think:

2) Classic film, Harry really brought the Cylons to life with his roll:

your a wizard harry

3) I always thought Jason Bourne was a great character:

you talkin to me

4) Pixar would be proud, very proud:

why you wear that suit

5) An iconic villian from the Star Wars series:

what a great villian

6) This is from the movie Bambi, it looks really good in 3D:

salad fingers

7) This is my favorite super hero for sure, I’m such a Manga nerd:

iron man is ready to save

8) Breaking Bad was a great show, I really liked Norris’ portrayal of the main character Logan:

ill be back

9) What made Kirby’s Air Ride so great was the fact that I could go Super Saiyan whenever I wanted:

i remember that one

10) Medal of Honor really deserved more credit than the community gave it:


11) The part where Gollum realizes he’s in the Matrix always makes me cry:

harry gollum


12) This is a really great DC moment, it’ll go down in the books:

great qoute

13) Very inspirational quote from the late 1800s:

Great power great freeman

14) Strange… I don’t remember this scene from Fight Club:


15) This is the Power Rangers best machine in my opinion:

all the mecha


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